Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July and Austin

On the 4th we attended the pancake breakfast at the church then headed over to the Leon Valley Parade which consisted of a lot of Ford Mustangs, a roller derby group, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, a local rock band, and a few fire trucks, and a lot more. After the parade we went home and took naps then cleaned the house and after dinner we celebrated with this delicious ice cream cake. We went to our friends house to watch a movie then see some fireworks. It wrapped up our 4th very nicely.   

On Thursday Jeff and I headed up to Austin for a last getaway before school started again for him. We went to the Natural Bridge Caverns which were very, very neat! 

 We ate at The Green Misquite in Austin which has delicious BBQ then headed to our hotel to drop our things off then went to Ikea to look for baby furniture.
The view from our room. On the 14th floor after we switched out of our 4th floor smoking room. A great improvement and a special treat!
 We walked to the Austin favorite 6th street for dinner. It is literally door after door bars. I think I saw 10 standalone ATM's and a countless amount of "men" in tank tops, shorts way above the knee's, and Toms or the like. They really mean it when they say "Keep Austin Weird" 
We finally found a roof top Tex-Mex restaurant that we settled on and for desert we took back to the hotel. The most Delicious Tres Leches cake I have EVER had!  

Friday we took our time getting ready, ate breakfast at Denny's then headed to the Barton Springs Pool which is probably 3 miles from downtown. It is a natural spring so it is advertised to stay at a constant 68 degrees. The fenced off a large area and built around the spring so it has a diving board and plenty of lounging space but still has the natural mossy rocks, long grass and salamanders. 
Diving board in the left underneath the guy in the green shorts.

Jeff swimming across with his things above the water after re-entering the pool to get his goggles he left in the car.  

We had a really great time!


  1. First off, I LOVE your new blog page! Second of all,...that ice cream cake looks SUPER DELICIOUS!!! Third, I'm so glad you guys could get away and do some fun things before Jeff settles down to the grind of school. Love all your pictures and thanks for the new post. Love you both!!

  2. What a treat, the 14th floor! Glad to see you had a nice trip. Best wishes for you both on the start of another year of school and more Grand Bell Updates!