Friday, July 27, 2012


Yes, this post is about the disgusting insects maggots. I will keep it brief since the more detailed I get the more I will imagine them on me. So! Here is the story
Thursday is trash day in our neighborhood and the truck doesn't come by until well in to the afternoon. Important because if it came by first thing in the morning I would have put the trash out the night before and might not have noticed THESE!

What seemed to be thousands of maggots were growing, living, and taking over my garbage can! I was so disgusted I hurried to tell Jeff (via text) to which his reply was "take a picture!" While practically burying my face in their "perfect environment" to get the picture I could hear a loud humming noise from all of them squirming around. Ideas were already coming in to my head as to how to get rid of them. Ideas that involved the smallest contact, even the furthest distance would work best for me. 
I remembered seeing a video on Youtube long ago, where a family had a huge wasps nest near there house and destroyed it by knocking it in to a metal trash can with some kind of lighter fluid then setting it on FIRE! Wonderful! Fire destroys everything! Including melting my plastic garbage can. So I knew that would not be realistic. I turned to Google and asked my question. It often surprises me how many people on the internet have my same questions and have already dealt with my same problems and there are tons of answers from people who have tried things!
 My Solution: I decided to wait until the trash truck came for the garbage so there would be less surface area for these suckers to be on. It was almost exciting when I could hear the truck down the street and as I watched from my office room window, pictured them all falling and separating their precious families and I yelled to the trash man "take em all. Take them all!" Then practically clenched my fists and stared at what was now left of them. I hurried down stairs to start boiling the water and grabbed the gallon bucket of bleach and the empty bucket from the garage. With my poison all ready I bring the garbage can just off the street, open the lid, and with no second thought, pour that beautiful liquid in to the can. I listen as the bubbles and silent screams of them all reached my ears and enjoyed every second of their death. I let them soak in their poison (plus some hot sun) a little longer before I laid them to their graves (the street). I grabbed the hose and gave the can a final rinse and No more bugs!  As the garage door closed I looked at the battle sight one last time and felt so triumphant! It was a great day in the Bell home. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July and Austin

On the 4th we attended the pancake breakfast at the church then headed over to the Leon Valley Parade which consisted of a lot of Ford Mustangs, a roller derby group, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, a local rock band, and a few fire trucks, and a lot more. After the parade we went home and took naps then cleaned the house and after dinner we celebrated with this delicious ice cream cake. We went to our friends house to watch a movie then see some fireworks. It wrapped up our 4th very nicely.   

On Thursday Jeff and I headed up to Austin for a last getaway before school started again for him. We went to the Natural Bridge Caverns which were very, very neat! 

 We ate at The Green Misquite in Austin which has delicious BBQ then headed to our hotel to drop our things off then went to Ikea to look for baby furniture.
The view from our room. On the 14th floor after we switched out of our 4th floor smoking room. A great improvement and a special treat!
 We walked to the Austin favorite 6th street for dinner. It is literally door after door bars. I think I saw 10 standalone ATM's and a countless amount of "men" in tank tops, shorts way above the knee's, and Toms or the like. They really mean it when they say "Keep Austin Weird" 
We finally found a roof top Tex-Mex restaurant that we settled on and for desert we took back to the hotel. The most Delicious Tres Leches cake I have EVER had!  

Friday we took our time getting ready, ate breakfast at Denny's then headed to the Barton Springs Pool which is probably 3 miles from downtown. It is a natural spring so it is advertised to stay at a constant 68 degrees. The fenced off a large area and built around the spring so it has a diving board and plenty of lounging space but still has the natural mossy rocks, long grass and salamanders. 
Diving board in the left underneath the guy in the green shorts.

Jeff swimming across with his things above the water after re-entering the pool to get his goggles he left in the car.  

We had a really great time!