Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our New Table

Jeff and I decided to buy a table yesterday. We had one previously but it only fit 4 people uncomfortably. We usually had only two chairs around it then when we would have guests over we would bust out the hard metal fold out chairs and then if there were a 5th person bring down the computer desk chair. So we were looking for something that could at least fit 6 but no more than 8 and I was wanting a counter height table because well I like the look of them and I felt it would go well with our kitchen. 

So here she is!

We found it on craigslist for what I felt was a good price (hence I bought it) and it came with 8 chairs, 4 wooden, 4 leather and we are able to keep two that aren't being used at the counter in the living room. Another reason I wanted counter height. It has a leaf in the middle that folds and stores underneath so when we have our bigger parties where we need more standing room I can pull some chairs out and fold it closer to the wall! Just Kidding I don't have parties. But we will have Game Nights! 


  1. That is such a nice table! Good find, Kathy! I love Craigslist, it's like going to a super huge thrift store :)

  2. Looks FABULOUS!!! Were you searching on Craigslist everyday for it or did you just happen to look one day and there it was? I guess Craigslist is the modern day garage sale! How fun to have that table now! :)