Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our New Life!

Literally! We have a new baby! A precious new life that we are responsible to raise. What a blessing it has been so far. Things are going so well. Ivan is just the sweetest baby with the calmest behavior. There have been very few times that I have felt a little overwhelmed. A lot of the low stress has to do with my parents  being here and helping so much. Since I had a C-section, things like getting out of bed, bending to pick something up were tough so their help has been huge especially when Jeff has had to go back to full time school and been busy with his calling again. At night Jeff is always there when I need him and since he has some special arms that Ivan quiets down right away in, its very helpful to have him right there. 
Here are some sweet pictures of Ivan.

calming him after his bath
Laying on his tummy to get his legs and feet.

And for those who are interested I will be writing my birth story on my pregnancy blog but will be making that blog private soon. Iv'e been getting comments from random strangers and I don't care for that.