Sunday, January 6, 2013

Some Firsts

We put Ivan in his own room the first night we got back from our Christmas Vacation. I was nervous at first thinking I would miss him right next to me during the night but it was actually very nice. He is right across the hall so its easy to still hear him when he needs me but I don't hear all the small noises that were keeping me from sleep even when I thought I was good at tuning them out. Well two nights in a row it has been great. I feel like we have a different home where things are more organized(even though we still haven't unpacked) and things are being used for their purpose(like suitcases holding clothes).

We had a lot of other firsts while on our 3 week vacation. First; time in UT and CA, plane ride, wedding, ski day, 10 hr drive, BYU bowl game, time to both grandparents house, time meeting Great Grandpa Bell and Great Grandma West, blessing, Christmas, New Years, and beach trip. I'm sure I am missing some but I think that is a pretty good list. Also on the flight home Ivan started paying attention to his toys by bringing them up to his face to chew on them, hugging them, and even reaching for them when they are hung above him. Its pretty cute. Also he is a huge fan of sitting up now. When I try to lay him down sometimes he will lift his head  for a good while. He sat an entire 40 minutes during church looking around and holding his head up like a big boy.