Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas River Walk

Last night Jeff and I went with our good friends Matt and Miriam to see the new LED Christmas lights at the River Walk. It was so crowded but we really enjoyed it. There were carolers on some of the boats going around and there were vendors selling cool light up gadgets and the trees were lit up so beautifully!

 Some of the buildings in the city are lit up like this one. I love Christmas time! Especially when I can walk around and enjoy the festivities with out freezing my toes off! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Its December!

On the third Jeff and I went to my work party where we went to a great dinner at Luce's and then back to the salon for the real party. There were drinks, music, A Christmas Story on every tv, and an awesome photo booth. Here is a clip of our pictures and then we put one of the extras in to an ornament. 

 Then of course on the 6th we celebrated Jeff's Birthday. We went to try a new indian food resteraunt which was delicious. And here is his cake with a sad looking 7. But its more about the taste right? Well it tasted very yummy. 
Happy Birthday to my Jeffrey!