Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Painting Stripes

These last few days I have been on a kick to do projects. First with the headboard and now this. Yesterday morning I decided I wanted to paint stripes on the walls in the baby's room and while thinking about what color realized we had leftover paint from the color in our bedroom. So I thought that would be perfect. It already ties in to the house and its free! So at 11:00 I had a haircut coming over then right after I started mapping out which walls, how many stripes, what size then continued by marking the walls with a level and a pencil. 

At about 2:00 I about finished taping all the lines and was ready to paint. I had another hour until a second haircut would show up and I still hadn't eaten lunch so I decided I should take care of that. Good thing too because the client called and said his day ended early and he could come over then (about 2:20). Great! I could get that done then start painting. =) And that is just what happened. I had the brush to wall at about 4:00 and had 3 of the 5 stripes done by the time Jeff got home. And no I hadn't thought of dinner. Whoops. Luckily we had some leftovers so not only was it microwavable but dinner was quick so I could get back to my project. Jeff helped paint the 4th line while I painted the 5th and it went by so quickly. We had some good laughs and stories from the day and I really enjoyed his help. He is such a great guy! 

This morning I couldn't wait to take the tape off so I quickly ate breakfast and started pulling it down, putting the curtains back up and putting the furniture back. Thinking the whole time "I should watch the clock, this work can be distracting and you have a haircut at 10:30." I finished it all and it was only 8:37. So I had time to take pictures, post about it on the blog, and now, get ready for the day. =)    


  1. Wow!! That looks SO great!! The stripes seems to match the rocker too! You are amazing!! I love you! xo

  2. Kathy! It looks amazing! I can't believe you did all that in one day! You're fabulous!

  3. The was so quick. I was never that quick. I love the new look, fresh paint does wonders for a room. :) I keep learning things about painting every time I paint. It looks great. Hope you are still feeling good.

  4. That looks awesome Kathy!! You're quite the artist, I know we never painted stuff that fast haha.