Monday, August 1, 2011

Redoing the Floors

Well we did it! We put in the new flooring in the pantry and in the master bath. And how long did it take? Two days. Including tearing out the old, the 5 thousand trips to Lowes, and laying the new with grout. And I have to say I am so proud of myself!
Here is the old in the pantry. You can see our main reason for doing this flooring is the lifting in the doorway to the garage.
The after in the pantry. You should see it with the washer and dryer in it which will be the next post.
The before in the bathroom. Again see the lifting at the doorway.

And the After! Happily after might I add. The closet to the left still needs carpet in it and we are waiting on Lowes to hear about when that will be done.

There you have it! Both of the floors done before school started. I will post about the rest of the house throughout the week while Jeff studies.


  1. Kathy! I cannot believe you guys did that yourselves! You are so amazing!! It looks really really great :) What a cute house.

  2. It looks SO beautiful!! Dad and I are so proud of you for doing this!! AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the finished closet too.

  3. Wow!! Look at you go!! SO great!! It looks fabulous!

  4. Awesome! Good for you! Looks great! I'm so impressed. You can do anything!!

  5. The flooring looks amazing. It looks very professional Kathy. We had a great time with guys last night. It was a very short visit but hopefully we well be back soon. We a lovely home you have. It seems like everything is falling into place. It's great to see you doing so well. I hope you will give me lessons on how to do the flooring Kathy? It looks great!